Newlyweds Ready to Hike

Newlyweds are ready to hike the trails and experience Alaska! Hannah and Daniel met at a “March for Life” event in Chicago, Illinois 6 years ago and were married last Christmas!  The love they have for each other sparkles in their eyes! Hannah and Daniel spent almost a week experiencing the amazing state of Alaska. […]

I Enjoyed Meeting These Two Patriots

Gabrielle and her husband, Bradley live the life of adventure! Both joined the military (Gabby the Airforce and Brad the Army) years ago. They have served all over the world. and It’s obvious they both love the United States, their homeland. Gabby’s spark for a new experience was ignited when she began following Alaska Backcountry […]

Is Alaska on your Bucket List?

Scott and Tim did an over-nighter at Alaska Backcountry Cottages for part of their Alaska Vacation, a wonderful trip in June, 2020. They fished all over Alaska and saw amazing wildlife! Tim told me that they each took home 50lbs of King Salmon and halibut combined.  You can see by the pictures the wildlife was […]

Happily Ever After in Alaska

Tamara and Rod were buddies in Middle School while living in Anchorage, Alaska. As time marched on they went their separate ways; Rod joined the Army and Tamara started law school. Tamara ended up in Florida and Rod in Texas and by divine design they met up again.  After an exciting year of dating, the […]

Chillin’ in Alaska

We at Alaska Backcountry Cottages with its unparalleled surrounding beauty, were happy to help Katie persuade her husband, Kreston, to fall in love with Alaska!  Living in Prescott, Arizona, Katie and Kreston are used to living in the heat of almost 100 degrees during the summer months and are now contemplating chilling in Alaska! Katie […]

Paul Came Home

Paul was born in Idaho and lived in Anchorage, Alaska during his childhood years. Now after 23 years away, living in Arizona, he returned to enjoy Alaska. To Paul, Alaska is home! Paul enjoyed his week in the Spruce Cottage, saying it was “ultra clean, comfortable beds and gorgeous views.” To him, “The Spruce Cottage […]

AKBCC Makes Perfect Staycation

Alaska is a once in a lifetime vacation destination and for those already living here, Alaska Backcountry Cottages is a perfect place for a Staycation! The Jorgensen’s whole family stayed at AKBCC and mom, ShaLene, said it was AMAZING! “The cottage was super clean and I loved how it was decorated. The kitchen had a […]

Summers in Alaska

Spending summers in Alaska with her dad and stepmom is nothing new to Reesa.  This year, with the COvid fourteen-day quarantine, her first two weeks was a totally new experience!  Ressa’s dad lives down the street from AKBCC! You can see by the picture of Reesa and her family skiing, that year-round backcountry experiences are nothing […]

Crystal Lynn Garnett stays at Alaska Backcountry Cottages

Alaska Backcountry Cottages provides an unparalleled relaxing stay, however resting isn’t the only reason quests stay at the cottages. For Crystal Garnett, Alaska Backcountry Cottages was a “writing retreat”