Alaska Backcountry Cottages in Autumn

I love the seasons here in Alaska!  Autumn doesn’t last long, however the beauty is amazing! From late August until the beginning of October the golden trees glimmer in the sunlight. In the fall, Aurora season kicks off!  The Northern lights can be viewed from AKBCC!

Guests relax on our cottage porches and take in the majestic view!  This autumn we’ve had many sunny days yet there has been plenty of rain and even a little snow here at Alaska Backcountry Cottages. Of course the snow melted as it hit the ground and the trees haven’t even completely lost their leaves!

Locals find the beauty and cleanliness of our stand-alone cottages exactly what they need for the rest and relaxation of a staycation!  It’s so fun for me to get to know our return guests!  

I’m so glad to have found a local photographer, Hailee Dorey to capture pictures of Alaska Back Country Cottages! And I love it when I hear our Tagline “You won’t want to leave!” so often spoken! 

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