Alaska Spring Explosion!

I love the change of seasons in Alaska, spring is my favorite!!!  Every year as the leaves turn green it’s like an explosion, a spring explosion!  From the first buds, to full grown leaves only takes about two weeks!  This year, I want to see how quickly the leaves appear after the first sign of spring appears, “pussy willows”!  Fuzzy white willow catkins are a sure sign of the lighter, warmer days ahead!

On the road to Alaska Backcountry Cottages I saw pussy willows and had to stop and snap a picture!  It is fun to learn the furry buds, pussy willows, are simply a fur coat to insulate the seedling showing the first of spring!

On Wednesday, April 28th, 2021 I took pictures of the pussy willows, and even though it was exciting to see, the pictures didn’t show even a particle of their beauty!  When I got home, I purchased a couple pictures taken by professional photographers! It will be fun to see when the green appears!

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