Summers in Alaska

Spending summers in Alaska with her dad and stepmom is nothing new to Reesa.  This year, with the COvid fourteen-day quarantine, her first two weeks was a totally new experience!  Ressa’s dad lives down the street from AKBCC!

You can see by the picture of Reesa and her family skiing, that year-round backcountry experiences are nothing new to her either!

During the school year, she lives with her mom in Las Vegas, Nevada, and spends summers and other school breaks here in Alaska with her dad and stepmom. 

Reesa enjoyed the cozy Pine Cottage, a stand-alone, full-service, cottage, with all the amenities needed including WiFi to complete her school work.

Even though Reesa would have rather been with her family, she appreciated the beautiful cabin and amazing view as she rode out the two weeks of quarantine.  Now that her quarantine time is finished, on she goes to an exciting summer with her parents!

At Alaska Backcountry Cottages we are happy to have been able to provide Reese a comfortable home away from home!

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