When the 49th State is the 50Th

Alaska, the 49th state, makes 50 for Brandi & Jody’s family! When visiting Alaska, Brandi & Jody’s family reached the exciting goal of experiencing all 50 states together before the boys graduated from high school!

They always loved to travel, Brandi and Jody started their journey together when they married 18 years ago. They met where they worked, the Rocky Branch Marina in Arkansas.

A few years ago they started seriously traveling. Four long road trips later they covered almost all of 50 states! As a mother with a masters in education, Brandi saw and taught her boys that every state has something to offer history! 

Over the years, their travels were memorialized by the boys having their picture taken on the “Welcome to…” sign of almost every state! 

The family enjoyed many of the 50 states and their favorite state was the amazing state of Hawaii! 

The entire family loved their stay in Spruce, one of Alaska Backcountry Cottages beautiful 2 bedroom full service cottages. With all the amenities needed to feel at home, these cottages are nestled in the mountains at the heart of Matanuska Valley with a 270 degree view of the surrounding mountains including the iconic Pioneer Peak.

Brandi and her family look forward to keeping their tradition of traveling to Florida every November and seeing everything on the way!!! I totally enjoyed meeting Brandi! I am so happy for this wonderful family who are living life to the fullest!

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