AKBCC Names Cottages after Alaska Symbols

Official State Symbols represent the cultural heritage and natural treasures of each of the 50 states of the US.  
Forget-Me-Not and Spruce Cottages at Alaska Backcountry Cottages were named to represent Alaska Symbols!

Garden Forever explains how and why State symbols were chosen. “These symbols,” Garden Forever says, “Represent the culture and the natural wonders unique to that state. The official bird, flower, or plant may be a species that is found exclusively in that particular state. Most state symbols are chosen following dedicated research efforts by citizens, organizations.

I’ve put together a video for your enjoyment about Alaska’s State Symbols.

Some of Alaska’s symbols are as follows; State Nickname: The Last Frontier; State Capital: Juneau; State Bird: Willow Ptarmigan; State Dog: Alaskan Malamute; State Flower: Alpine Forget-me-not; State Fish: King Salmon; State Tree: Sitka Spruce; State Fossil: Wooly Mammoth; State Gem: Jade; State Holiday: Seward’s Day; State Insect: Four-Spot Skimmer Dragonfly; State Mammal: Moose; State Languages: English + 20 Alaska Native languages; State Marine Mammal: Bowhead Whale; State Mineral: Gold; State Motto: North to the Future; State Name: Alaska is Aluet spelling of Alyeska meaning Great Land; State Song: The Alaska State Song; State Sport: Dog Mushing.

I invite you to come stay with us at Alaska Backcountry Cottages and hop on an ATV or Snowmobile tour with our sister company ABAT and see for yourself the amazing State of Alaska and why the symbols were chosen!

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