Newlyweds Ready to Hike

Newlyweds are ready to hike the trails and experience Alaska! Hannah and Daniel met at a “March for Life” event in Chicago, Illinois 6 years ago and were married last Christmas!  The love they have for each other sparkles in their eyes!

Hannah and Daniel spent almost a week experiencing the amazing state of Alaska. The beauty of the mountains with autumn colors was a wonderful backdrop for an entire photo album!

While here in Alaska, they spent the week hiking all over the state! You can see from these pictures, they were having a blast!!  

A trip down to Seward led to a fun opportunity to catch and release beautiful Rainbow Trout!

They loved their stay in Alaska Backcountry Cottages’ in the Forget-Me-Not Cottage, when asked what their favorite thing was they said, “Everything!”

Christians to the core, Daniel and Hannah both include God in their plans. When asked what their goals are, where they see themselves in a few years, they told me they have many dreams for their future.  

Daniel said thoughtfully “We have many plans for the future, yet we recognize that God knows best and what will make us the happiest. Of course we need to set goals and make plans, but ultimately we need to  be ready to adjust when our journey leads us in another direction. Mathew 6: 25-34”

I totally enjoyed getting to know Hannah and Daniel!  I’m thankful they sent me so many of their pictures and are willing to share them on AKBCC!

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