Alaska COVid Mandate is Lifted!

For the past few months those entering Alaska would have to quarantine for two weeks, now the mandate has been lifted!!!

I’m grateful that the COVid mandates have been changed, you can read the newest mandates right here. We are no longer offering the quarantine 2-week stay at Alaska Backcountry Cottages, now you can check out AKBCC’s availability right here!  You can see that we provide an unparalleled relaxing stay, situated in the heart of the Knik River glacial valley and nestled in the beautiful backyard of the Chugach Mountains.

At Alaska Backcountry Cottages, we offer stunning views and unique opportunities to explore Alaska, there is something for everyone. We offer two cottage styles – with and without a loft. Both styles are stand-alone, full-service, cottages, with all the amenities needed to feel at home.

Our smaller cottages, house 4 guests with two queen size beds, and the larger cottages have 3 queen size beds with a maximum capacity of 6. 

Come experience the unique heritage of Palmer, Alaska and above all the breathtaking beauty. Come enjoy world class fishing, whitewater rafting, boating, mountain biking, climbing, hiking, ATV recreation and more! After a scenic 40 minute drive from Anchorage you’ll arrive at the PERFECT location and enjoy a 270 degree view of the surrounding mountains including the iconic Pioneer Peak.

With our knowledge of Alaska we are confident we can help you create the vacation of a lifetime. You won’t want to leave!

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