Paul Came Home

Paul was born in Idaho and lived in Anchorage, Alaska during his childhood years. Now after 23 years away, living in Arizona, he returned to enjoy Alaska. To Paul, Alaska is home!

Paul enjoyed his week in the Spruce Cottage, saying it was “ultra clean, comfortable beds and gorgeous views.” To him, “The Spruce Cottage is the best version of home away from home!”

Paul C. Cox is an attorney with expertise in the areas of Business Law – including mergers, acquisitions, and contract issues; Intellectual Property protection; Real Estate transactions; Landlord / Tenant disputes; Estate Planning; and IRS Audit representation.

When asked which he likes better, life in the heat of Arizona or the Alaskan contrast of light and dark, cold and warm, Paul said, “Hmmmm, fortunately I don’t have to choose because I can enjoy both!”

It was fun getting to know someone who loves Alaska like we do!

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