Dark Triumphs Over Light

Winter Solstice is the last day that dark triumphs over the light in 2021!  During winter solstice the path of the sun in the sky is the farthest south, the shortest path through the sky resulting in the day of the year with the least sunlight and therefore, the longest night. All three of our cottages at AKBCC provide everything you need to have a relaxing stay nestled in the beautiful backyard of the Chugach Mountains.  

Tuesday, December 21st at 6:58 am is Winter Solstice 2021.

The long dark winter in Alaska can be an opportunity for personal growth and development.

Sitting still in prayer and meditation may lead to personal insights. Darkness can be a catalyst, the day of rebirth, a day to let go of the darkness in our past and begin to look forward to truly unimaginable possibilities! 

Whether you’re taking an amazing staycation, or resting before the Iditarod , while staying at Alaska Backcountry Cottages the earth may surprise you with an exciting display of the Aurora Borealis dancing in the sky!

Guests staying with us at Alaska Backcountry Cottages consistently leave 5 star reviews, telling me they wish they could stay longer!! Makes me smile because that is our tagline!  

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