The Nanooks of Nome Stay at AKBCC

Nome-Beltz Boys Basketball team chose Alaska Backcountry Cottages to sleep while participating in the Eagles Tournament here in Palmer, Alaska! 

The Nome Beltz Jr/Sr High School is located 546 miles from Palmer and their team mascot is the nanook, or polar bear!  Their team and two coaches fit perfectly in two of our cottages!

One adult and 5 players enjoyed the Spruce Cottage, a two story with two queen size beds in the beautiful loft style bedroom for 4 players! 

The other students slept in the downstairs bedroom with a sliding door to the bathroom.

The Forget-Me-Not Cottage housed the other coach and 3 students. They all enjoyed the peaceful sleep with the comfortable pillows that have been included in many of AKBCC’s 5 star reviews!

The coach told me the cottage experience was a great time for “team-building’! The boys totally enjoyed the Smart TV, it kept the group entertained! 

The Coach appreciated the full kitchen with everything he needed to cook for the always hungry boys, the most important meal of the day, Breakfast! 

I am happy to hear the team enjoyed our cottages! I wasn’t actually able to see them play, however watching the Palmer Boys team play was great fun and I’m sure it would have been fun to see them also! 

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