I Enjoyed Meeting These Two Patriots

Gabrielle and her husband, Bradley live the life of adventure! Both joined the military (Gabby the Airforce and Brad the Army) years ago. They have served all over the world. and It’s obvious they both love the United States, their homeland.

Gabby’s spark for a new experience was ignited when she began following Alaska Backcountry Adventure Tours on Instagram. The thought of exploring Alaska’s beauty with ABAT on an ATV tour to Knik Glacier and experiencing for themselves the wonders of nature in this great state was thrilling! 

When signing up for a full-day glacier tour Gabrielle spoke to Matti who explained that Alaska Backcountry Cottages is on the same property as the ATV tours! 

Gabby and Brad were pleasantly surprised to find their cottage stocked with breakfast food, complete with kitchenware to prepare a delicious breakfast and also other delicious snacks!

With the sparkling cleanliness that AKBCC is known for, their Pine Cottage was comforting. The unique design and decor of the cottage was beautiful and stepping inside after viewing the stunning Chugach Mountains at such a close distance was incredible, more than they expected! 

Both Gabrielle and Brad had an amazing weekend – they told me they couldn’t have been happier! The Glacier tour with ABAT and stay at Alaska Backcountry Cottages was everything they had hoped for!

Personally I enjoyed meeting these two patriots, and am happy to have played a role in their enjoyment!

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