Is Alaska on your Bucket List?

Scott and Tim did an over-nighter at Alaska Backcountry Cottages for part of their Alaska Vacation, a wonderful trip in June, 2020. They fished all over Alaska and saw amazing wildlife!

Tim told me that they each took home 50lbs of King Salmon and halibut combined.  You can see by the pictures the wildlife was amazing!  Bears, Eagles, Moose, Big Horn Goats, Wales and Beavers.

I had a hard time believing him, but Scott swears he wasn’t afraid of the bears. He said the bears would focus on eating their own fish and leave the men alone!

The Big Horn Goats were up on the mountains, but thrilling to see none-the-less!

You can see a video of the beaver Scott posted on Facebook here

It was amazing watching nature in action as they saw Bald Eagle parents protecting their young!

 Tim said Alaska Backcountry Cottages are cozy, comfortable, clean, very nice and a good value.

Scott and Tim enjoyed staying overnight at AKBCC, and I loved hearing about their adventures!

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