Laramie Mosley in The NORTHERNMOST XTREME Bulls Event in America

Laramie Mosley at 25 years is a Leading Bull Rider at The NorthernMost Xtreme Bull Riding in America here in Palmer, AK. 

Laramie’s  Grandpa rode cutting horses so Laramie grew up riding and competing. During his interview in April 2021 he told the reporter that his goal is to get on horses every day and it isn’t hard. He owns a Colt Start Business and also helps break in horses for a friend throughout the week.

Laramie, a Palestine, Texas resident, attended a special bull riding school where he learned the fundamentals of bull riding. With knowledge and experience, he’s learned to “go into the ride with a clear head.”

Laramie’s mother passed away when he was 14 and his mom’s sister, Trish has picked up where his mother left off. It can be said that Trish is honestly another mother to this amazing 25 year old Bull Rider.

Trish grew up in a cowboy family, involved in rodeo her entire life so she knows first hand how difficult life is for Laramie, and yet in Trish’s words, “He does it like it is easy!” 

Laramie’s heart is full of respect for the bulls and has had many accidents,  

Once his shoulder popped out and was bucked off the bull, and another time was ‘horned’ in the mouth.  

When talking about his success, Laramie gives all credit to God!  

We at Alaska Backcountry Cottages are pleased to provide lodging for Laramie’s friends and family as he entered “The Northern Most Xtreme Bull Riding in America” here in Palmer, AK at the Alaska State Fairgrounds Memorial Day, 2021.

Laramie reported on his ride yesterday sharing: “75 this afternoon in Palmer AK! Not enough to place but, what an awesome experience to be a part of! Can’t wait for bigger and better things next year in the great white north!!  You can watch the event here on Laramie’s Facebook page!

I always crack up when our tagline comes true!  You know, Alaska Backcountry Cottages, you won’t want to leave! Trish Facebook messaged me, “Love the cabin and do wish we could have stayed longer!

I look forward to seeing them again next year!

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