How Fast Does Spring Green in Palmer, Alaska

My friends tell me about their experiences with how fast the greening happens in Alaska, the Spring Explosion! Spring is many Alaska residents favorite time of year!

Some say the buds grow to leaves in just a few days.  My guess is the speed is directly influenced by the amount of rain! .

This year I decided to document the timing with dates and pictures to prove it.  May 2021 has had so little rain, but even with just a little water, we still see the larger foliage appear in two weeks! 

On May 6, 2021 I took pictures of the buds, and two weeks later, May 20, 2021 I took pictures of the full grown leaves!

Stopping to snap pictures while driving the pas­toral coun­try­side on my way to Alaska Backcountry Cottages is a treat! 

It will be fun for me to write a yearly post about the greening of the valley at Alaska Backcountry!

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