Ready to move to Alaska!

It’s totally understandable why William and Jackie want to relocate to Alaska, this state is amazing!! William and Jackie are a wonderful couple who met as young teens in Virginia. While hanging out with friends they became acquainted when Jackie was 14 then started dating when she was 16, as the story goes, the two were married when Jackie was 19!  Now they have two children and have lived happily together for 14 years! 

Now they are ready to move to Alaska!  At Alaska Backcountry Cottages we were excited they stayed with us as they looked around Alaska, deciding where to buy or build a home!  After their 5 night stay in the Pine Cottage, they decided to stay a little longer.  At AKBCC our Tagline is ‘You won’t want to leave” and we were smiling as they booked two more days.

When they decided to stay even longer, the Pine cottage was booked so they had to move to Forget-Me-Not, two cottages down.  They wanted to stay the rest of the week, and moved back into the other two story cottage, Spruce, that was then available. This delightful family was able to stay in all three of AKBCC’s cottages!

William told me they enjoyed the open concept of all three of the cottages, and Jackie’s favorite thing was the view from the upstairs!

Alaska’s natural beauty is truly incomparable and the family was able to get a wonderful view of this great state! You can see by the pictures they were able to visit a number of places! Even Jackie’s mom will be moving up to Alaska with the family! Here is a picture of them all at Hatcher’s Pass, a mountain pass through the southwest part of the Talkeetna Mountains

We all feel like lifelong friends!  Those of us at Alaska Backcountry Cottages will be their first Alaskan Friends when they make the trek!  I can’t wait!

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