So Lucky I am I am!!!!

“See my photo of Bill Sass the winner of the 50th Iditarod …. His DOGS are so Precious!”, our guest said.   AKBCC’s Iditarod Guest isn’t the only lucky one!  I had so much fun as he shared his Alaska week with me through photography!  I shared with you his first few nights in Forget-Me-Not (and he LOVED the Cottage!) then he continued sharing his photos and I was able to follow him along his trek!

I will share with you the words our guest shared with me. So from now on, when you hear “I” in this post, it will be our guest talking as he shared his journey with me!

This was an incredible trip three days of intense photography … plus we had the BEST NATRALINST Guiding us … (after questing if he was the photographer of all these pictures he said) Yes, every Eagle I post was taken by me … incredible, I know!

A Face of True Happiness ….. do you see the WISKERS …? What a Confident Look!

I call this one, Feathers,  Beautiful Feathers …

Mrs. Heidi (our Naturalist) just said: “Good Morning” and make sure you do!!! You don’t want an EAGLE mad at you ….

I was told you know a MOOSE is going to charge you when they lift their RIGHT HOOF ….. nah don’t believe… that it’s the left hoof!!!!

One last Moose photo …. This guy is down on his luck! All Bucks shed their racks during winter … but for sure this is a HE … because? He is just sitting around waiting for dinner to be served!!!!!!!!!

QUESTION ??? Have you ever seen a SAD TRUCK ???? If you are not into Sad Trucks or just Sad DON’T view this picture ??? It’s SAD

 I found Big RED while hiking in Hope AK …. He had a lot of stories, I am sure. But in the end, he was just abandoned to fend for himself.  He was the best off-roader I’m sure by just looking at the many scars of VICTORY he wore…. but still in the end his past was the past and he was left all alone…. I saluted BIG RED and went on my way BUT took this picture so all can keep BIG RED in our thoughts for the day….

Back to Landscapes …. and I know the centerline is rule breaking BUT I like the sky as much as the foreground SO I broke the rules ENJOY … from HOPE AK enjoy

On the way to Homer I got caught in a blizzard !!!!! But made the trip safely …

My Last Photo from Alaska “My Trip Has Ended” in the most outstanding way…. let me tell you… during a drive hike adventure in the bush I came upon a stranger a Gold Miner and a Fishing Guide.  He does not remember when he was born but with a smile, he said it was a long time ago.  Told me he gets out most every day and still enjoys life.  When we shook hands and said goodbye, he wished me all the very best and I told him this was a special moment meeting him.. And with a big smile he said I got to keep going.  My Mr. Alaska …

I’m so glad this guest found AKBCC when looking for an Iditarod stay! He is amazing!  Not searching for any fame or fortune, this guest has a true gift of capturing the beauties of Alaska.  His descriptive writing is a treasure! Telling us about Mr. Alaska was a beautiful and wonderful conclusion to his Alaska experience!  I can’t thank him enough for sharing! 

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