They were impressed with AKBCC!

Last summer, June 2020, Bryan and Sarah stayed at AKBCC, Bryan enjoyed his stay so much he wrote in this review on AirBnB, “I normally do not write reviews, but this one deserves an exception! The cottage provides an absolutely stunning mountain view, beautifully decorated interior and even better hospitality from the owners. I have never been to a more professional, organized AirBnB and would recommend this wonderful experience to everyone.”

Last week Bryan and Sarah lived true to his review, not only by recommending AKBCC, but bringing their friends Frank and Addie with them from Ft. Wainwright Military Base for a weekend to experience Alaska! 

They are impressed with AKBCC and I am impressed with them! Bryan, Sarah, Frank and Addie are all serving in the hospital at Ft. Wainwright. The four of them each have different responsibilities, all working for the same outcome, to successfully treat the soldiers and their families with their medical needs.

The four didn’t even know each other until this chapter in their life began! Bryan and Frank happened to be roommates at Ft. Wainwright, then Bryan met Sarah and then Addie got together with Frank and now they are all fast friends! 

They all look forward to returning in the spring or summer for an ATV ride to the glacier or even a helicopter ride seeing Alaska from the sky!  

I wasn’t able to meet Bryan and Sarah last time, I’m so glad I didn’t miss them and with the added benefit of getting to know Frank and Addie is even better! I look forward to seeing them again next time!!!

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