What a Surprise!!!

It was time to formally unite their paths and Carrie genuinely surprised Scott in the process! Instead of traveling to the usual Florida beach, Carrie had secretly planned their trip to Alaska! Scott was surprised when he read it on a T-Shirt: WE’RE GOING TO ALASKA AND WE’RE GOING TO GET MARRIED!

These Ohio residents with family in Florida often spent their vacations with relatives on the beach! They enjoyed their time in Florida, however Scott has always wanted to vacation in Alaska! 

Carrie and Scott have been together for 21 years, Carrie now a Traveling Nurse and Scott a Steel Plant Supervisor raised their daughter spending many vacations traveling!

Laura Wilson of Say Yes Alaska married the couple in Hatcher Pass while Veronica Boutwell photographed their wedding! 

The three of them stayed in the Pine Cottage for a week, leaving only for one night, traveling to Seward. Carrie and her family loved their stay!

They had so much fun on their Alaska Backcountry Adventure half-day ATV tour, they scheduled the full day tour to end their Alaskan Vacation! Carrie said the Pine Cottage was wonderful!  She said the details were so well thought out!

I am so grateful to have vicariously joined their adventure, hearing the plan from the beginning, listening to their stories, witnessing their preparation to leave for their final glacier tour, and seeing their pictures! This marriage truly was a celebration of 21 years of unbroken love!

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