Emergency Relief Administration Chose Matanuska Valley, Alaska

by | Sep 15, 2021

The Federal Government chose Matanuska Valley for one of the Colonist Projects In 1935.  The Matanuska Colony was part of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal plan to help move the United States out of the Great Depression. It was one of many rural rehabilitation colonies to be established by the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA).

At the time of the Colonist Project, Alaska wasn’t even a state, it was a territory.

Two hundred and three families were chosen for the project that were farmers, living in temperatures similar to Alaska; Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

palmer Alaska

Even though the temperatures were similar, the increased light here is Alaska caused the foliage to develop quickly!  In just two weeks, the leaves went from buds to leaves!

I’m sure occasionally the colonists experienced springs similar to this year, very little rain!  Even with such little rain, the greening happened!

The families  were chosen because of their farming skills and hardiness created by similar work conditions.

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Autumn’s leaves dropping happens as quickly as the greening happens!

Alaska Backcountry Cottages were built 84 years after the Matanuska Valley Colonist Project was chosen!

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