Paul Came Home

Paul was born in Idaho and lived in Anchorage, Alaska during his childhood years. Now after 23 years away, living in Arizona, he returned to enjoy Alaska. To Paul, Alaska is home! Paul enjoyed his week in the Spruce Cottage, saying it was “ultra clean, comfortable beds and gorgeous views.” To him, “The Spruce Cottage […]

Alaska COVid Mandate is Lifted!

For the past few months those entering Alaska would have to quarantine for two weeks, now the mandate has been lifted!!! I’m grateful that the COVid mandates have been changed, you can read the newest mandates right here. We are no longer offering the quarantine 2-week stay at Alaska Backcountry Cottages, now you can check […]

AKBCC Makes Perfect Staycation

Alaska is a once in a lifetime vacation destination and for those already living here, Alaska Backcountry Cottages is a perfect place for a Staycation! The Jorgensen’s whole family stayed at AKBCC and mom, ShaLene, said it was AMAZING! “The cottage was super clean and I loved how it was decorated. The kitchen had a […]

Summers in Alaska

Spending summers in Alaska with her dad and stepmom is nothing new to Reesa.  This year, with the COvid fourteen-day quarantine, her first two weeks was a totally new experience!  Ressa’s dad lives down the street from AKBCC! You can see by the picture of Reesa and her family skiing, that year-round backcountry experiences are nothing […]

Enjoy 2 Weeks at Alaska Backcountry Cottages

Are you returning home to Alaska or have visiting friends or family members who need a place to quarantine for 2 weeks?  State of Alaska Mandate requires all people traveling to Alaska, to self-quarantine for 14 days.  Alaska Backcountry Cottages meets all Covid-19 Mandates, including thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting after each visitor checks out. Click […]