They’ve traveled the world and found the best at AKBCC

These Identical twins were born in Israel, now Moti is living in Israel and Amihay in New Jersey. This is their first visit to Alaska and thoroughly enjoyed their two day stay at Alaska Backcountry Cottages!

The two spent an entire day exploring Alaska’s beauty on an ATV tour to Knik Glacier. In this full-day tour, they were able to see Alaska at it’s best!

Amihay and Moti are world travelers. When asked how many continents/countries he’s visited, Amihay answered in heavily accented english, “Sixty to Seventy,  all continents, all South America, all Europe, Some countries in Asia and Africa.” The interesting places they like are cold countries. Ami has been in Lapland, Iceland, Greenland, North Norway, all during the winter as well as Antarctica.

Knowing of all their word travels, I am truly honored to hear Amihay say his stay at Alaska Backcountry Cottages goes to the top of his list of favorites!  They promised to be back and I look forward to their return!

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